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Google Play Store: all the error codes and how to solve them

Here are the main Play Store errors you may encounter when trying to download or install an application and the solutions to resolve them. Who has never been faced with an error code on the Google Play Store? You know, this is this small message that is displayed without any understanding why and that prevents […]

How to redeem a promo code in the Google Play Store

In case you did not know, the application developers, for both iOS and Android, have the ability to give or give away promotional codes of their apps. These codes are like gift tickets which you can redeem for the application in their respective app stores. So if, for example, a developer wants to make known […]

How to buy apps on the Google Play Store without a credit card

You just crack and switch on Android, now you need to get to the app store, the Google Play Store. But to buy apps, you have to enter your credit card, you may not want to, thankfully there are several methods to buy applications without credit card. The Google Play Store is full of applications […]

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