How to buy apps on the Google Play Store without a credit card

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You just crack and switch on Android, now you need to get to the app store, the Google Play Store. But to buy apps, you have to enter your credit card, you may not want to, thankfully there are several methods to buy applications without credit card.

The Google Play Store is full of applications of all kinds, it’s simple there’s something for every taste and every desire. The vast majority of these are free, but some applications are paying, so you have to get out the blue card.

However some people will be reluctant to release it and put the numbers of its blue card on the Play Store, fortunately there are several ways to buy apps without taking out its blue card.


Buy an app on the Google Play Store with Paypal

One of the simplest methods is to pay with your PayPal account, often people like to pay with PayPal because the service provides some security and you do not need to enter your bank details several times.


To add a PayPal account, simply:

  • Go to the Play Store
  • Slide the left side toward the center
  • Click on “Account” then on “Mode of payment” and finally on the “+” button at the bottom right
  • Select “Add PayPal Account”

Now you can pay with your account without having to enter your banking information on the Play Store.


Buy an app on the Google Play Store with a gift card

Another way equally effective, buy gift cards Play Store. They are found almost everywhere at Fnac. Once you have purchased a gift card to enter your account you just need to follow the same method as before and when you add a payment method click on “Use a code”. Here your account is credited with the amount of the card (usually 15, 25 or 50 euros).


Purchase an app on the Google Play Store with your operator.

It should be noted that in France the 4 operators that are Free, Orange, Bouygues and SFR allow to buy an application by invoicing the amount on your monthly invoice. It is a very convenient and secure way, but it should not be abused, as this can quickly push up the bill.

Note that you can receive an SMS starting with “DCB_Association” when you sign up to use direct billing by the operator. This message is automatically generated and sent to finalize direct operator billing for your Google Play account.

Now you have all the cards in hand to buy apps on the Play Store without credit card. You should know that a fourth way is Google Opinion Rewards, this application allows you to earn credit for the Play Store by answering opinion questionnaires, unfortunately the service is not yet available in France, but Should not be delayed.

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