Google Play Store: all the error codes and how to solve them

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Here are the main Play Store errors you may encounter when trying to download or install an application and the solutions to resolve them.

Who has never been faced with an error code on the Google Play Store? You know, this is this small message that is displayed without any understanding why and that prevents us from installing an application. Google does not explain the meaning of these famous error codes, yet they would sometimes be of great help.

So as we find, as you, that these error messages are rather annoying, we decided to give you a little helping hand. First, we will give you the meaning of each error code and the procedure to make it no longer appear. Let’s go !


Error 18: You Can not Reinstall an Application

This error occurs when you attempt to reinstall an application you previously uninstalled. To solve it, the easiest solution is to remove and reinsert your SD card if you have one and if it does not work, unfortunately it will be necessary to go through a reset of the device.


Error 20: a little housekeeping and it’s good

Error 20 occurs when there is not enough space on your smartphone to download the application you want. Delete some apps and try again.


Error 101: Would not you be a bit greedy on apps?

Error 101 appears when you have too many applications installed on your smartphone and you do not have the necessary storage space to install a new one. Basically, you’re a gourmand.

To remedy the problem, you will have understood, it will be necessary to sort and thus delete the applications you use the least. If however the new app you want to install is worth it. If deleting apps is not enough, delete the Google Play Store data, delete and then reinstall your Google Account.


Error 103: a little patience and it will go!

This annoying error occurs when the blind tries to install an application on your device thinking it is compatible when it is not. The worry is that once it happens, it blocks the installation of the app on all your devices, even those that are compatible. Only thing to do? Wait, normally the problem resolves itself after a few hours.
Error 194: Clean up!

Very recent, this error prevents downloading and updating applications. To solve it:

  • Go to Settings> Applications> All
  • Select the Google Play Store
  • Click “Clear Data” and then “Clear Cache”


Error 403: Would you have two different Google accounts?

Using two Google accounts on a single device has advantages but also some disadvantages. Thus, if you are in this situation you must be confronted with error 403 which indicates that installation of the application is impossible.

To correct this error, select the Google Account account and uninstall the app on the Play Store. Then restart your initial step of knowing how to download the application. The error message should no longer be displayed.


Error 413: Do you use a proxy?

Error 413 tells you that you can not download an application or update. This error code is displayed when you use a proxy server. The Google Play Store is not necessarily a friend to proxy servers.

To make sure to clear this error message, you just need to do the following:

  • Go to Settings> Applications> “ALL” tab> Search Google Services> Delete Data> Force Stop
  • Repeat this method with the Google Play Store app
  • Clear your browser cache


Error 481: There is a problem with your Google Account

It’s probably error code that we all fear. If it appears it is that your Google no longer works, the big loose yes. The only way to remedy this is to delete your Google Account and create a new one. Yeah, that’s the kind of thing that annoys me.


Error 491: impossible downloads and updates

This error code is annoying but easily spotted and can be corrected quickly. It is particularly annoying because it prevents downloading or updating applications. So nothing can be done. Nothing serious though. A small quick manipulation will allow you to correct the problem:

  • First remove your Google Account
  • Restart your smartphone
  • Reinstall your Google Account
  • Do the following: go to Settings> Applications> “ALL” tab> Search Google Services> Clear Give> Force App close


Error 492: Problem with the Dalvik cache

The Dalvik cache? What the hell is that? The Dalvik cache is a system folder that is located in the cache system folder on the partition of the same name. It contains vista files to speed up the operation of Android. Error 492 reports that it is impossible to install an application because of this cache.

To get rid of the problem, simply go to Settings> Applications> “ALL” tab> Search for Google services> Clear data> Force application to stop. Then you have to start over with the Google Play Store app.


Error 498: Downloads Stop

Many of you have probably already experienced it, sometimes application downloads are interrupted and an error code 498 is displayed. This error code means that the cache on your smartphone or tablet is full.

Like when you have too many applications in your smartphone, to solve the problem, you first have to remove unnecessary applications and files from your device. Then restart your smartphone in Recovery mode and then select Wipe Cache Partition. There, the matter is in the bag.


Error 501: You Can not Download Applications

To resolve error 501:

  • Go to Settings> Applications> All
  • Select the Google Play Store
  • Click “Clear Cache”
  • Do the same with Google Play Services
  • Then go to Settings> Account on your smartphone
  • Delete your Google Account
  • Restart your mobile
  • Resynchronize your Google Account
  • Do not touch your smartphone for at least 5 minutes


Error 504: Can not update or download

Error 504 sometimes occurs when you try to update an application or even when downloading a new app. Do not panic if error 504 occurs. A simple manipulation will help you solve the problem.

Start by going to the “Settings” and then “Applications”. Choose “All” then “Google Play Store.” Look for the problematic application and click on “Clear Data” and then “Force Stop”. Finally, do the same with the Google Play Services app. Here you are saved.

  • Go to ‘Settings> Apps> All> then Google Play Store
  • When you are on the application profile, click the ‘Clear Data’ option, then ‘Force Stop’
  • Perform the same steps for the ‘Google Play service’

In my case, uninstalling / reinstalling the application had solved the concern, but I would advise you to follow the instructions provided above that are for me safer / more effective.


Error 505: the application is not compatible with your version of Android

The 505 error occurs when the application you are trying to install is not compatible with Android 5.0 and later. Not much to do for this error except to contact the editor.


Error 905: You can no longer update your apps

Error 905 prevents you from installing or updating the applications you want. To solve it, it is very simple:

  • Go to Settings> Applications> All of your smartphone
  • Select the Google Play Store and click “Uninstall Updates”
  • Restart the application


Error 919: Can not Install

Again, this is an error related to the storage memory available on your device. The application downloads properly but at the time of installing any plant. To remedy this, like when you have too many applications, it will be necessary to sort.

So do not delete unnecessary applications once again and if that is not enough do not hesitate to tackle the multimedia files that are often very heavy especially videos.


Error 921: Can not download

Error code 921 is among the most violent with code 481. This error message tells you that you can not download the application. Nothing to do with the internal memory this time but there is a link to the cache of the Google Play Store app.

This problem can very quickly be arranged just as it can be really pestfall if it persists. The first thing to do is remove the Google Play Store cache. If this resolves anything, then you will have to delete all data from the Google Play Store and at the same time all its parameters (yes it’s boring). If it’s still not enough, you’ll have to delete your Google account, restart your device, and reconfigure your account.


Error 923: Bad Sync with Google Account

Error 923 indicates that downloading is not possible due to an error in syncing your Google account or inadequate cache memory. How to correct the shot? Following this manipulation:

  • First remove your Google Account
  • Delete all unnecessary applications
  • Restart Recovery Mode
  • Make a Wipe Cache Partition
  • Restart your device normally
  • Reconfigure your Google Account


Error 924: a fairly rare error

To solve error 924, the manipulation is the same as for error 905, described above.


Error 927: Google Play Store Updates

Error 927 occurs quite rarely but it is not impossible that this code appears. In fact, it appears when the Google Play Store is being updated. A priori, it will suffice a little patience so that the problem is adjusted automatically, that is to say when the updates are finished.

However, the problem may persist. In this case, simply go to Settings> Applications> “ALL” tab> Search Google Services> Clear Data> Force Stop. Then you will have to repeat the manipulation for the Google Play Store application.

There you go ! With these 20 error codes in mind you should no longer encounter too much trouble on the Google Play Store. Obviously, these are only the most frequent and other codes may appear in some cases. Do not hesitate to communicate them in the comments and tell us how you have solved the problems.

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