How to redeem a promo code in the Google Play Store

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In case you did not know, the application developers, for both iOS and Android, have the ability to give or give away promotional codes of their apps. These codes are like gift tickets which you can redeem for the application in their respective app stores. So if, for example, a developer wants to make known his application, perhaps because he wants someone to make a review or review of it, he can send a code to the person who is going to make it, so that it does not cost any amount the acquisition Of the same.

It is also interesting for the developer to see themselves through social networks by giving promotional codes to their users or to those who share information about their application. Keep this in mind, and be attentive, because there are several companies and freelance developers who usually give away promotional codes through their Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Be that as it may, the intent of a promotional code for an app is to make a third person able to purchase your app without having to make your purchase. And in the case of Android, if you ever get one of these codes, we show you how you can redeem it.

How to redeem your promo code on Android

In order to redeem a promotional code on your Android phone or even on your tablet, open the Google Play Store app.

Access the menu by selecting the icon that we indicated. Once in the menu, select the Redeem option.

Next you will see a window where you will be asked to enter the promotional code.

As simple as entering it and clicking on Redeem. After this, the app will begin downloading to your Android phone or tablet.

Another option you have is to redeem your promotional code from your computer. In the same way, enter the Google Play Store and click on the Redeem menu, and in a similar way, enter your code and you’re done.


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